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The steem community is thriving with developer activity and projects to support our great blockchain steem.

While we don’t officially endorse the following projects, below are growing community developer projects which could be beneficial for your steem project.


Libraries, tools

Radiator -

Radiator is a Ruby API client to interact with the steem blockchain.

SteemJS -

Pure JavaScript Steem crypto library for node.js and browsers. Can be used to construct, sign and broadcast transactions in JavaScript.

Beem -

A python library to interact with the STEEM blockchain. It includes the CLI tool beempy.

Piston-cli -

This python library is unmaintained! Swiss army knife for interacting with the STEEM blockchain.

ChainSync -

A simple library to stream blocks and operations for digesting into other mediums.

SteemIAPI -

Interactive Steem API swagger, open-source script allows you to interact with blockchain.

PHP Steem -

Various tools and scripts written in PHP for exploring the STEEM blockchain.

SteemJ -

An API Wrapper for Steem written in Java

GoSteem -

Golang RPC client library for Steem

SteemClientRS -

Client library for Steem blockchain built with Rust

Services and databases

SteemSQL -

A private Microsoft SQL server database with Steem blockchain data, subscription based, allows you to do flexible queries and analyze blockchain data.

Steem Data -

SteemData is discontinued but open-source python project, it parses the STEEM blockchain for you, and provide the data as a fast and convenient MongoDB service. SteemData helps developers and researchers build better STEEM applications.

SteemData-Ruby -

Wrapper for accessing in a ruby application. It uses MongoID and ActiveModel to leverage all of the tools provided by those libraries.

eSync -

eSync extracts Steem blockchain data and saves into Mongodb, written in Nodejs.

Glasnost -

Glasnost is an GraphQL app server for Steem blockchain built with Elixir, Phoenix and Mnesia.


Most people who will be implementing OAuth2 will want to find and utilize a library in the language of their choice. These libraries, while not necessarily built by Steemit, should support the SteemConnect API.

SteemConnect SDK -

An official javascript library for utilizing SteemConnect.

steem-connect-firebase-function -

A TypeScript library that can help you build applications with SteemConnect and Firebase.


Easily integrate STEEM blockchain into your PHP applications, though SteemConnect.

Social Auth SteemConnect -

Pluggable authentication backend for python-social-auth, that allows authentication via SteemConnect (v2).

steemconnect-python-client -

steemconnect-python-client is a simple yet powerful library to interact with the Steemconnect.

omniauth-steemconnect -

Ruby Omniauth2 Strategy for SteemConnect.

SwiftyConnect -

SteemConnect Library for iOS / Swift.

SteemConnect4j -

Steemconnect SDK for Java.

Many more projects and tools can be found here and

Sharing & Help

Developer Advocate

The members of the Steemit Inc. development team are currently the main contributors to the Steem blockchain software. They oversee the open source Steem GitHub repository, and maintain many of the open source libraries that developers use.

Steemit’s Developer Advocate is here to make the process of developing for the Steem platform as smooth as possible. If you have any comments, concerns, or suggestions about how to improve the experience of developing applications with the Steem blockchain - please reach out.

The D.A. receives a lot of emails, but will respond as quickly as possible.

SteemDevs Chat -

SteemDevs chat is a public Discord chat community where members of the Steem development community go to discuss Steem development, and other related topics. It is a great place to go to ask questions, meet other developers that are working on Steem projects, share tips and code snippets, and discuss the items you are working on.