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Libraries, tools

Radiator -

Radiator is a Ruby API client to interact with the steem blockchain.

SteemJS -

Pure JavaScript Steem crypto library for node.js and browsers. Can be used to construct, sign and broadcast transactions in JavaScript.

Beem -

A python library to interact with the STEEM blockchain. It includes the CLI tool beempy.

Piston-cli -

This python library is unmaintained! Swiss army knife for interacting with the STEEM blockchain.

ChainSync -

A simple library to stream blocks and operations for digesting into other mediums.

SteemIAPI -

Interactive Steem API swagger, open-source script allows you to interact with blockchain.

PHP Steem -

Various tools and scripts written in PHP for exploring the STEEM blockchain.

SteemJ -

An API Wrapper for Steem written in Java

GoSteem -

Golang RPC client library for Steem

SteemClientRS -

Client library for Steem blockchain built with Rust

Services and databases

SteemSQL -

A private Microsoft SQL server database with Steem blockchain data, subscription based, allows you to do flexible queries and analyze blockchain data.

Steem Data -

SteemData is discontinued but open-source python project, it parses the STEEM blockchain for you, and provide the data as a fast and convenient MongoDB service. SteemData helps developers and researchers build better STEEM applications.

SteemData-Ruby -

Wrapper for accessing in a ruby application. It uses MongoID and ActiveModel to leverage all of the tools provided by those libraries.

eSync -

eSync extracts Steem blockchain data and saves into Mongodb, written in Nodejs.

Glasnost -

Glasnost is an GraphQL app server for Steem blockchain built with Elixir, Phoenix and Mnesia.


Most people who will be implementing OAuth2 will want to find and utilize a library in the language of their choice. These libraries, while not necessarily built by Steemit, should support the SteemConnect API.

SteemConnect SDK -

An official javascript library for utilizing SteemConnect.

steem-connect-firebase-function -

A TypeScript library that can help you build applications with SteemConnect and Firebase.


Easily integrate STEEM blockchain into your PHP applications, though SteemConnect.

Social Auth SteemConnect -

Pluggable authentication backend for python-social-auth, that allows authentication via SteemConnect (v2).

steemconnect-python-client -

steemconnect-python-client is a simple yet powerful library to interact with the Steemconnect.

omniauth-steemconnect -

Ruby Omniauth2 Strategy for SteemConnect.

SwiftyConnect -

SteemConnect Library for iOS / Swift.

SteemConnect4j -

Steemconnect SDK for Java.

Many more projects and tools can be found here and