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RB: Edit Content Patching

Full, runnable src of Edit Content Patching can be downloaded as part of the RB tutorials repository.

title: How to edit a Post position: 5 exclude: true layout: main-script description: Patching changes to a post on Steem. main_script: tutorials-ruby/edit_content_patching.rb main_type: ruby main_script_anchor: Script —


This tutorial will show a technique for efficiently editing a post by only broadcasting changes to the post body.


This script will take an existing post and append a new line by broadcasting a comment operation containing a diff instruction. This instruction will tell the blockchain to append new content to the end of the body of the original comment.

Because this is a live example, we set broadcast to false so that it only runs if you modify the example and set broadcast to true.

As stated earlier, you will need to change broadcast to true. You can also set other values to test this script on other post:

To Run

First, set up your workstation using the steps provided in Getting Started. Then you can create and execute the script (or clone from this repository):

git clone
cd devportal-tutorials-rb/tutorials/12_edit_content_patching
bundle install
ruby edit_content_patching.rb

Example Output

@@ -26,8 +26,26 @@
+%0AAppended content.
  "jsonrpc": "2.0",
  "result": {
    "id": "f327acc1c51d907a9ba9bfac70e6fc9e99ab2865",
    "block_num": 23035803,
    "trx_num": 0,
    "expired": false
  "id": 1